As an artist, I look beyond the obvious surface to perceive the awesome environment, not only visually, but with all of my senses. This gift transforms me into a thirsty sponge absorbing and saturating myself in my own mysterious realities.

My life has been guided and motivated by an innate drive to create. Each new day offers myriads of experiences just beckoning to by recreated, living forever in my artwork. Choosing watercolor or acrylic, porcelain or pastels, alone or combined with other textures, inevitably my work will bear an identity predictably my own.

Creation of each artwork for me is a joy - a fantasy - a trip, that summons a lifetime of visions, shapes, colors, textures, sounds, and symbols. My path may softly slumber through perfumed red velvet rose petals, or climb high peaked rugged copper mountains, or plunge deeply into the aquamarine crystal glacial ice. It may leave me breathless or speechless, exhausted or exhilarated, tearful or cheerful.

An aura of energy consumes me as I slowly metamorphose the pristine surface into a nebulous beginning. My own forms and symbols pattern and lace themselves between the layered veils of transparent color. The emerging artwork gently reveals its own inner-spirit to the viewer. I invite you to take this magical journey with me.

~Lynne Kroll